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Vinyl comes in many styles and has been on the market for many years.

SPC/ Stone Polymer Core

is currently the most commonly used residential flooring, due to its seamless click lock connection, and is completely waterproof.


Several key Factors to consider when shopping for SPC 

Wear Layer thickness, wear layer is the top layer that protects the surface, 6/12/20/22/26 mil are general standards.  At First Step we sell only 12mil wear layer products and higher, with most clients opting for a 20 mil


Overall product thickness, is important to consider, since SPC is a floating floor and will have some  movement, naturally a heavier floor will preform better over time, but added material cost will raise the final cost of the product.  We recommend a 5 millimeter or higher for most home owners.  


Most SPC has padding attached and add a overall ease to installation.

Double padding is never recommended for SPC


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